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Born To Be Me Campain

Our Mission!

A universal movement created to encourage mankind to accept, love and empower one's self and those around them. When wearing the campaign bracelets “born to be me” and “write your own story” it will act as a reminder for you to stay true to yourself. There is nothing more beautiful! [OUR MISSION]

New to BTBM?

We Want to Hear Your Story! Get inspired, be heard, be yourself, and be true to your self. Read others story, and see that your not alone! [GET INVOLVED]


Lacey’s Story

Lacey -Age 27 Memphis Posted on March 5, 2011 “Stand up and go; your faith has saved you.“ Today, I celebrate 6 amazing and unbelievable years in remission. Today I will share the story of the hardest time in my life thus far. It is the story of how I found my faith through it and because of that it became the biggest miracle of my life. I share this Bible story with you because I see myself as one of the lepers. I will paint this story for you more … [Read More...]


Born to be Me

PLEDGE: I promise to accept, love and stay true to myself, 'cause I was BORN TO BE ME!'